Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lamp Tramp

As promised, today is all about lamps. My readers know that I adore lamps. Almost as much as I adore pottery. In fact, nothing makes a room more than a fabulous lamp. If you'd like to see the best lamp designs of all times, see my previous post. Without further adieu, here are some fabulous lamps. Hope you enjoy!

Ebay. Aren't those shades too cute?

I adore this pink frosted glass lamp. Looks like it might be vintage. Although, I would probably use a larger shade. Lamp shades can be so difficult to find, and can often cost more than the lamp. This image is from Emily's apartment at Apartment Therapy. Check out Emily's place. She has great taste, and has done her studio with a soft and restrained hand. Here's another lamp from Emily's apartment.

I love it. Speaking of the proper shade, I am in love with the long shades that I've been seeing in decorating magazines. They must be custom, though, I've never seen a tall shade in ready made.

This is one of my all time favorite lamps. From Abigail Ahren's lovely home on Designspongeshop.

Another of my favorite lamp's is in Kim's home.

Great lamp, great shade. Kim already knows I have first dibs on this lamp if she sells it. And if you haven't seen it yet, you must check out Kim's new kitchen. It's truly one of the finest examples of East/West fusion that I've ever seen. I can't stop talking about it to my friends! Look at the fabulous lamps Kim chose for this kitchen extraordinaire.

Damn. Makes me want to cook and that is a miracle. Watch the evolution of Kim's home on flickr. It is more fun that a reality show. And her six house guests will crack you up. (Link to Kim's flickr here. Link to Kim's kitchen blog here.)

Now how cool is this? A purple lamp from Miss Kitty Kat.

Image from her delightful blog, Pink Friday. I will be adding her blog to my blog roll.

Here are a few lamps I photographed on my exploration of the City the other day.

Orange lamp! Love it!

I love this one! I could see this in an all-white loft, hanging over a primitive farm table surrounded by ghost chairs.

And look at this beauty. It has that Bohemian-Asian-Moroccan vibe doesn't it? It's tempting me greatly. Above three images photographed at DuoHome.

How cool is this? Reminds me of an opium den. I could see this one in the middle of the floor, surrounded by Moroccan poufs. This one is at my favorite vintage store. And that leads me to an exciting announcement.

The owner of my favorite vintage store (which I have yet to reveal its name) has graciously allowed me to photograph his home! I will be posting soon. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hello, that lamp is not from my home, its from http://kasparasregnbue.bloggagratis.se I made a interwiev with her. So what are you up to now adays :)


Peggy said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I haven't been painting much lately, but hope to spend some time painting this weekend.

Jayne said...

Oh I agree, I love the Abigail Ahren ;a,p. It's so stylish and chic!


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