Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wanna be by the water...

Hello dear readers!  Hope you are having a good weekend. It's hot here in Ohio and I am feeling a little wistful. I thought I'd take a little break from my Denver series to talk about the simple life.

I crave simplicity and nature. I've got an itch to move,  Here's the funny thing.  I know I will be moving. It's not a feeling, I know it. It's going to be a big move and it's going to happen quickly. Not sure where yet, top choices are Seattle, Portland or Denver. My ideal would be to own a small cabin. As you know, I love living small. I want to live a simple, low impact life.  I crave nature. I've always loved being near water, and I love trees.

I saw this cabin in Wooster, Ohio on Craigslist and thought very seriously about buying it. It's more of a vacation cottage, but  I could definitely live there year round.  Only problem is the place has only a camper toilet. I might be a simple girl, but I still need some luxuries.  I need a full working bathroom.  Still it's nice to dream.

Here is another dream home.  Ahh. I would sit on that porch, smoke a dube and chill to the max. Maybe even learn how to grow weed. Did you know you can take horticulture classes in Denver that will teach you to grow weed? (Warning: there are still lots of legalities which we will discuss later.) I'd probably get a pit bull to alert me if there's trouble approaching.

Image Source Unknown

Image by Peggy

I even thought about a house boat in Seattle. I am so enthusiastic about my future. Things are really looking up for me and it's about time. Better late than never!  I'll be sure to keep you posted. Have a great weekend and, as always, thanks for reading!  xo


Monnaie Ernakulam said...

Nice architects design!

Jessie said...

There are many affordable houseboat homes in Portland. I use everyday to look for my future home there. You can also look at rentals. :) I think a boat house would be cool, but I did not know anything about the upkeep of having one and I have a dog. Chloe HATES water, so I couldn't do that to her. I vote Portland because we could hang out all the time. Just saying.... hehehe I like that snow is rare there, that's why Denver is a no go for me. Still a cool place though. Beautiful actually. :)


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