Monday, June 2, 2014

A Color Story, Part 1

Hello dear readers!  How are you doing?  It's great to see you, I've missed you.  I've been a little under the weather and neglectful of the blog.  I am thinking of unplugging for the whole summer, but for now I'd like to take you on a little color journey.

As you know, I adore color. Color never ceases to cheer me up. So while I was laying around and resting, my thoughts were of color. As you know, from my last incarnation of my apartment, during the Winter I thought a lot about blue (see previous post here). For Spring I started lightening up, and I became obsessed with mint green and lavender, a color scheme I dearly love. I found as I experimented with mint green, that I wasn't really happy. It reminded me of my decor from the 80s - where I used sea foam green and dusty rose. As I ventured into blue and green, I missed pink. I really am a die hard pink girl, and any scheme I use will have to incorporate pink.

As I was laying around, I watched re-runs of Project Runway and thought a lot about how fashion influences decor.  Here are some fashion pics that I adore.

Doesn't Lady Gaga look fantastic here!  I love the combo of the hot pink and aqua.  She is rocking that Philip Treacy fascinator! I could totally see a room design influenced by this look.

I'm always a sucker for:  (1) jewel tones and (2) men wearing color. Designer extraordinaire Ozwald Boateng. Green is one of those colors I typically don't use in my decor, but this emerald green paired with the lighter green is gorgeous. Of course, if I used these colors in my decor, I'd have to add pink.

One of my favorite colors is salmon or coral, but a little goes a long way because it can become too fleshy.  It looks great with hot pink. Of course, everything looks great with hot pink. Design by Betsey Johnson.

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