Monday, June 2, 2014

A Color Story, Part 2: Is it Lilac or Lavender?

I think many artists (including me) use the terms lilac and lavender interchangeably, so I did a little research into these colors. Lavender is a light purple with a bluish hue. Lilac is a light purple with a pinkish hue. Both are beautiful, soft and romantic colors. As you know, Jamie Drake is one of my favorite designers. In a previous post, I mentioned that Drake is a master at using lilac. Now I must change my opinion to say that he is a master of lavender (in this post anyway, I'm sure he can master any color scheme). I know I want to add one or both of these colors to my decor.  Here's a little inspiration.


Lavender makes for a very serene room. The bedding is almost a periwinkle (another of my favorite colors). Periwinkle looks gorgeous with lavender.

Lavender walls look gorgeous with the blue headboard, green pillows. The lilac lamp is a lovely, unexpected touch proving that lilac and lavender work well together. Image via House of Turquoise.

Morocco is a place I'd love to visit. It seems to me they have mastered the use of color. This color combo is simply divine. Photo by John & Lisa Merrill via

Lavender and blue make for an ethereal and romantic bedroom. Image via Living Etc.


Aaah. Surely this is what heaven looks like. Original image source unknown. Please contact me if you know the source of this image.

A lilac vase by Ikea looks gorgeous with the cobalt blue Heath bud vase.  And speaking of the Heath bud vase, have you seen their Summer 2014 seasonal collection?  It's yummy.

Now, when does lilac become orchid?  When the pink gets a little deeper.

Image via Wikipedia

Orchid looks great with green as this picture from the fabulous Doe Deere proves. It doesn't really matter what you call it, color is fun! There's nothing to fear when experimenting with color. Don't listen to rules about colors, like this crap article from the so-called experts at Yahoo Shine. There is no such thing as clashing colors. Just look at the cacophony of color provided by nature.

There's only one rule when it comes to color: it should make you happy. There's no such thing as a mistake. If you don't like what you've done, change it. When you walk into your place after a long, hard day you should feel embraced.

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