Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Blue, Part 2

Saturday was a beautiful day.  I had no where to go, no money to spend, but desperately wanted to be out.  I decided to walk around Home Depot.  It's huge and always provides a ton of inspiration.  I found myself lingering over the paint chips for a long time.  They are a never ending source of fascination for me.  I was focused on blue, pink and gray.  Oh how I wish I could paint an accent wall in my apartment.  A large canvas (or two or three) will have to suffice.

As you know, Behr is my favorite paint.  I tend to use flat on walls.  I've lived in many old places, and flat paint helps to hide imperfections.  I also like flat on canvases.  I use high gloss for furniture.  As I looked at paint chips, I fell in love with a pale periwinkle.  It's a perfect color, it looks a little blue, looks a little violet. It'd be wonderful to watch how it changes in the light.  I think I need this color in my life.  (600C-3 Periwinkle Bud).
Remember this beautiful room from a previous post?  I adore the blue used on the wall.

Remember the gorgeous blue room on the March 2010 House Beautiful?  I'd love to experiment with monochrome.  I'm not sure I could do a monochromatic room because I love so many colors!  But every time I look at this room I swoon.  Have you seen House Beautiful's slide show entitled 70 Years of Blue Rooms?  If you love blue, you'll love the slideshow.  Do you enjoy looking back at some of your previous decor?  I was looking at some of my previous uses of blue in my little studio apartment.  I still miss that apartment even though it was small, in bad shape, old, dusty and noisy.
I experimented with monochrome in my kitchen.  Even though the room was small, I used a bold color on the walls.  To the reader who sent an email requesting this paint color, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.  Thanks for writing, I hope you are reading!  It is Behr flat paint 600B-6, Sudden Sapphire.  (If unable to to get this exact color, I've also used a custom mix of Behr paint that is also gorgeous:  start with 590D-5 Windsurf Blue and make it a little darker, but not quite as dark as 590D-6).

I am loving the color scheme of pale pink, silver and blue.

I've mentioned my love of hot pink and dark blue many times.  I also love hot pink with pale blue.  Here are a couple of pieces that spray painted.  These have been sold and now I wish I had them.  Oh well.
I sometimes miss having an all white place with pops of colors.  I sold that blue satin pillow and now wish I hadn't.  Hmm.  Maybe it's not such a good idea to look backwards.  Good thing I can't sew, I'd be buried in pillows!

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