Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Blue, and a New Lamp

I've mentioned my love of blue and pink many times.  I love many uses of these colors, a few of my favorites are:  (1) hot pink with dark electric blue;  (2)  hot pink with pale blue; and  (3) dark blue with pale pink.  I can't believe I've been in my apartment a year now!  I've been craving a new lamp ever since I moved in.

I had been eyeing this lamp at Target for quite a while.  I love the color, I love how it looks like pottery.  At $44.98 it was too steep for my budget.  Last week while walking around Target, I noticed there were boxes and boxes of new stuff being stocked by the employees.  Hmm.  Maybe my lamp was on sale.  I breathlessly walked over to the lamp isle, thinking the lamp must be sold out.  But there it was - marked down to $22.98! I figured it was meant to be. I didn't see any lampshades I liked, and I didn't have the heart to pay for a lamp shade that cost as much or more than the lamp.  I knew I'd figure something out.  Maybe I'd find something at the Goodwill. Then it hit me.

The Influence:
Remember my favorite cover of Domino magazine, that I've showed you like a zillion times?  I love the cobalt blue sofa with the pale pink pillows.  Remember the pink lamp I bought on the cheap at Old Time Pottery (man I miss that store)?  See previous post here.  I could use the pink shade on my new lamp.



I love it!  I prefer an ambient glow at night, and this fits the bill nicely.  This is my kind of DIY.  Simple.  Little changes like this make me happy.  My bedroom needs a total makeover, stay tuned for some bedroom inspiration.  And what about you dear readers?  Have you been Spring cleaning?  What colors are you using for Spring?

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