Sunday, April 7, 2013

Deconstructing Lamps

I can't help it, I love changing, deconstructing and using things for unintended purposes.  I especially love making inexpensive lamps into vases (see previous post here).  I save the hardware and easily turn them back into lamps, if the mood catches me at a later time. I love experimenting with various shapes, it's like sculpture.

Remember my pink lamp?  I got it some time ago at Old Time Pottery for $29.  The shade alone is worth that - it's a beautiful satin.  As you know, sometimes shades cost more than lamps. The base looks cheap, though, and has always bothered me.  I dearly love the shape and color.  Every time I looked at the lamp, I thought what a cute vase it would make.

I was thrilled to get this lamp on sale at Target.  I love how it doesn't have a base and that it looks like pottery.
I decided to put the pink shade on my new lamp.  I love it!  See post below where I talk about this color scheme.

The pink lamp is now a vase!  Two new beautiful objects to play with.  Now it's time to rearrange!  Simple, cheap and fun.  Now that's my idea of DIY.  I think I need to paint my bookcase again....

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Jessie said...

I love the pink lamp used as a vase! How cool! You can't even tell it was a lamp!


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