Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lola Donoghue

I am completely smitten with the work of Lola Donoghue.  Lola is a talented and prolific artist.  She does beautiful fashion illustration which are girly, with just the right amount of edge.  Perfect.  I only wish I had painted them.  She also does visionary abstracts which are at once childlike and sophisticated.  I love her use of color, negative space and texture.  I chose one of each of her genres, because it was difficult to choose what to feature, I love all her work so much.  These two pieces speak to me. 
More of Lola's fashion illustration can be seen at her Etsy shop here.
Ahh.  I could stare at this all day.  Gentle, yet edgy.  Otherworldly.  To see more of her abstracts, click here.

Here is a mock up with her painting in my living room.  I am in love.  My words are not doing these works justice, I am unable to express the depth of my feelings for this work.  Oh well, sometimes we over analyze art in an effort to understand it, when it's really about a feeling.  I feel this work.  Deeply.  I could lay on the sofa all day contemplating the color and textures.  I wish I painted it!  I think I need these in my life.

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