Monday, April 8, 2013

Rock Sculptures

I've been sort of having an artistic crisis since I moved into my small apartment.  I love my apartment, but I have no where that I can make a mess, no money for supplies and seem to have developed an allergy to my first love - acrylic.  But I must create, it's in my soul.  When feeling a creative burst over the weekend, I was looking through my drawers trying to figure out something I could make.  There it was - a tube of superglue!

The Influence:
I've been wanting to make rock and sea glass sculptures for a long time.  I thought about this lovely image I saw on My Attic.  So I went crazy with my tube of superglue.

I glued a few rocks from my Lake Erie collection together.  I began looking around my apartment for other things to glue.  Maybe I can glue some vases together.  Oh, I know.  I saved some cute large beads from a broken necklace!
So I made these little sculptures.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.  One thing's for sure, my appetite is whetted.  Stay tuned for more rock sculptures.  Who knew how fun a tube of superglue could be!


faye said...

i really like translucent rocks :D

Jessie said...

What a neat idea! Especially if the rocks are special to you! They are cute.


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