Saturday, June 30, 2012

Outdoor Spaces

Today I am obsessing about outdoor spaces.  I have a tiny balcony off my living room, and am so fortunate that there are several trees outside my balcony. I love the little space, but am in a quandary about how to decorate it.  I appreciate the natural light I get, and want to make the patio an extension of my living room.  It's such a luxury opening the glass doors and getting a nice breeze.

Whatever I do will have to be on the cheap.  The only thing I'm sure about is I'd like a large Buddha head and some over size white ceramic vases.  Not sure what to do about a table and chairs, so will be searching the Goodwill and flea markets.   I'd love to hang lights and fabric, but that might not be realistic.  I'm not very good at DIY.  And, then of course, there's the issue of choosing plants that I won't kill.  Maybe succulents?  Here are some gorgeous spaces from my inspiration file.

One can dream, right?  This gorgeous gazebo from Bali has me drooling.  Budi & Andrew's Global Oasis via Apartment Therapy.
On a closer look, maybe I could incorporate a few of the elements.  This corner is particularly striking.  I could hang a bamboo blind, a swatch of gossamer fabric and a lantern.  Hmm.

Love the idea of a painted rug on the floor.  Beautiful colors.

Also love this idea of painting the concrete.  I like that they've played up the color of the concrete rather than masking it.  Above two spaces designed by Brian Patrick Flynn for HGTV.

Photo by Peggy

Here's is my brother and sister-in-law's outdoor deck.  She updated the look this summer with the fab solar lantern and gorgeous pillows.  I am proud of the space too, because I helped her pick out the pillows.  Hmm, I've noticed a pattern here.  Seems the outdoor spaces I featured here all have prominent touches of orange!  Guess I need to incorporate some orange in my scheme.

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Jessie said...

I would love an outdoor space. Your patio is very nice. We don't have any outdoor furniture. It's so windy here you would have to keep rocks on it to keep it from blowing away. LOL


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