Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Color Scheme: Hot Pink and Cool Blue

Dear readers, I hope you will humor me a little longer on the subject of the color blue.  Color is an obsession for me.  As you know, I get a color in my mind and it will not go away.  Right now I am seriously digging blue.  One of my favorite color combinations is hot pink and cool blue. 

How fabulous is this pink armoire, blue walls and bench?   Image vtwonen.

Tiffany box blue is haunting me.  I want to do an accent wall in this color.  Looks gorgeous with matching hanging light and the hot pink bedding.  Image source unknown.

You already know I'm not a big wallpaper fan, even though it is immensely popular right now.  My least favorite of all wallpapers is the faux bookshelf.  It makes a room look dusty and cluttered to me.  I prefer a more streamlined interior.  However, I do adore these chairs and the gray textured poof.  Image Abigail Ahern.
If you're going to do wallpaper, I prefer an accent wall.  This seating area is comfy, cozy and airy.  I need those chairs, that lamp and that ottoman.  Image via Little Inspirations.
I love this color scheme!  Chartreuse added to hot pink and blue.  There's a lot of color in the furniture and accessories, but the room remains airy looking because the floors and walls are left white.  Image source unknown.  I'm generally not a fan of dark blue, but I do love it with hot pink.  For some fab examples, click here.

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Jessie said...

These are great rooms! I actually love blue and pink together. This would be a great color scheme for your apartment.


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