Sunday, June 10, 2012

Design Star, White Box Challenge, Season 7

I'd like to take a quick break from the scheduled posting to talk about my favorite show, Design Star!  Have you been watching?  It's great fun (except for some of the drama and the fact that HGTV runs far too many commercials).  My favorite challenge is the White Box Challenge.  Designers have a chance to really cut loose and show who they are.  Before I begin, let me say this:  it's much easier to criticize than it is to do.  I would like to applaud all these brave designers who put themselves out there.  I could never do what they do!  And I am really grateful they do what they do.  Okay, here are some of my humble opinions.

This year my favorite entry is the box designed by Stanley Palmieri.  Stanley used the drab furniture to create light sculptures.  I love it!  I've always wanted to create a minimal room and paint only with light.  I've often wondered what I would do in this challenge, and I think I'd create something blindingly white.  Stanley didn't win this challenge because his first camera challenge was less than impressive.  But hey, the amazing David Bromstad (Season One winner) was not always the seasoned professional he is now, David wasn't that great on camera at first.  It's been great fun watching David grow.  I hope Stanley can step up his game a little.  He might start by getting a hair cut.  Sorry, Stanley.  Just sayin'.

This season is different from past seasons because many of the designers had very strong starts.  Karl was the one to watch last season (and in my opinion should have won).  This season it is the ladies who dominate.  My prediction for final four:  Danielle Colding, Britany Simon, Bex Hale and Rachel Kate.  My favorite to win:  Danielle Colding.

Here is Rachel's white box.  I'm a little worried that the judges have chosen Rachel as their pet.  She was the winner of both episode 1 and 2.  I do dig the back wall layered with the chevron dressers.  The graphics are executed with a high level of skill.

And I really dig her fashion illustration, but the rest of the room falls a little flat to me.  Great job, but not worthy of the win in my humble opinion.

Here's her room from episode 1, which also took the win, and again I disagreed with the judges.  She painted the black accent wall and hung the moose head on it.  The judges gushed incessantly about it.  I am probably biased on this point.  I've seen it a million times and I was over it the first time I saw it.  Taxidermy whether real or faux makes me want to barf.  C'mon at its worst it glorifies dead, hunted animals.  At best it is boring and over done.
This is Danielle's room from episode 1.  She definitely should have taken the win.  This was a huge task!  She conceived of this room almost single handedly.  Love the gorgeous color, the layout, the art and accessories.  Love how the blue accent wall is repeated in the pillows.  Love the balance.  I am not a huge fan of the applied moldings.  But having watched the show many times, I knew the judges would ding her if she did not deal with the verticality of this room.  Astonishing beginning.
Here is Danielle's fabulous white box, inspired by a photo of her mom from the 70s.  Again, I felt Danielle should have taken the win with her sleek, cool, glam room.  How many times have we heard Vern say to make things look expensive?  She did that with spray painting the sofa and with the gold touches.  How many times have we heard Vern say to wrap a graphic around the corners of the walls?  She has obviously watched the show.  The lamp was an unfortunate last minute touch, but hey it's a small detail in an otherwise amazing room.  And her camera challenge - she nailed it!  She's incredibly poised.  I like that.  I'd watch her show.
Ya'll now I am a lamp tramp.  I am always amazed by the custom lamps on Design Star.  Luca is one of my least favorite contestants.  He talks with such bravado and then does not deliver, nor can he articulate his thought process.  I expect he or Hilari will be next to go.  I probably would have sent him packing this week.  That said, the custom hanging lamp he designed is gorgeous, I could see this in Danielle's room.
Or maybe this gorgeous hanging lamp designed by Britany Simon for her white box.  I'd like to make a copy of this lamp.

Here is Britany's room from week 1.  The room was largely conceived of by her.  Mikal was paired with her, but really rode her coattails.  I love the 3D graphic on the wall and the color scheme.  Animal skin rug, yuk.  Faux ram heads over beds, yuk.

Here is Bex Hale's white box.  I am in love with those cut PVC pipes.  I'd like to make a room divider similar to that.  Man, I wish I were handy!  I adore Bex.  Her personality is sweet and engaging and she looks adorable in her hats. 

One thing is for sure when it comes to Design Star.  I really prefer the individual challenges.  Oftentimes, design suffers when they pair up designers, and there are some difficult personalities that I would not want to work with:  Kris, Luca and Stanley.  I am looking forward to next week.  The designers will be creating an office space for the Kardashians.  It will be interesting to see who is paired up.  Danielle and Rachel would be a formidable, unbeatable team.

I was really sorry to see Jordan go.  He's such a cutie and I love his style, but when it came to the white box challenge it's like he gave up.  Here are my predictions:  Next two to be eliminated are Luca and Hilari.  Neither have impressed so far.  Followed by Kris and Mikel.  Not sure about Miera yet.  Hope Stanley can step up his game.  Final four:  Danielle, Bex, Britany and Rachel.  Final two:  Danielle and Rachel.  Winner:  Danielle.

Have you been watching, dear readers?  What's your take on this season?  Who is your favorite so far?  To see my comments on the previous six seasons of white boxes, click here.


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pvc pipes
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Jessie said...

I don't watch the show. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I will just see what I need to see on your blog! :)


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