Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's a difficult balance to be design-obsessed with no money to spend.  On the other hand, having no money to spend forces creative solutions.  I am always more interested in how resourceful people become when faced with a design challenge like a small budget or a small place.  Still, wouldn't it be great to decorate a room - just once - where money was no object?   I am always trying to come up with new ways to display my pottery collection.  I like open display, but am tired of the ubiquity of Ikea's Expedit and its many copy cats.

The gorgeous Kansai Bookcase from Anthropologie is haunting me.  I love its severe geometry and its simplicity.  I would love to set this between my living room and kitchen, still giving the look of an open space.  Ah, but at $1,200 it is not to be.  I wish I could build furniture, but I am sure this is difficult even for a skilled builder.
It seems my list of wants for my apartment goes on and on.  I'd love to have a new ottoman.  This shiny teal one from Target would fit nicely.  The price of $89 is comparatively reasonable, but still too high for me.  So I keep my eye on the Goodwill.

Here is a piece I had to pass on at the Goodwill, and it broke my heart.  It was only $5.00!  I would love to paint this baby yellow (like this dresser in previous post) and add some new handles.  And look at those cute little legs!  It's difficult to be an artist without a pick up truck or a studio.  But I will not give up, I will find a new medium that is clean and non-toxic.  Because I must create, I have no choice.

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Jessie said...

$5!!!!!!! WHAT!??? How sad that you had to leave it behind, but I am sure someone else will love it & give it a good home! :)


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