Monday, April 30, 2012

Pallets, Crates and Slipcovers

I love reading the opinions of designers, but I usually take them with a grain of salt and do whatever I want.  I don't worry about trends and am limited by a small (no) budget.  So when I read today that pallets and slipcovers are no longer trendy, my thought was I didn't realize they were ever trendy.  Since I am limited by lack of funds, I prefer casual design and love to see how people with small budgets (and spaces) solve problems.  The point of all this:  when decorating your home do what you want.  Trust your instincts.  Listen to advice, but only take that which appeals to you.  And most of all have fun.

I'd like to humbly offer some inspiration showing that pallets, crates and slipcovers can look chic in your home.  I am falling in love with a little rustic element thrown in.


Love the gray bedding and the low scale of the lamps.  Also love the white painted floor.  Above two images Bodie and Fou.
Bonus points for using industrial wheels on this pallet coffee table!  Love it.  Image via flickr.

Stunning use of pallets!  I'd love to have some of these for my deck!  Stay tuned for a post on outdoor decor, which I am currently obsessing about (like we all do at this time of year).  Above two images Simone Tasca via Desire to Inspire.


Love the touch of rusticity this crate as coffee table provides.  Also love the organic rug and the artwork, and - of course - those fab sofas!  See the rest of this wonderful home tour at Desire to Inspire.  To see creative use of crates in display, see previous post here.


This gorgeous room remains simple and cozy at the same time with its skillful use of texture.  You know I love those white floors.  Image Mary Beth Koeth.
Gorgeous.  Love the gray.  Image via The Style Files.

Don't these rooms make you want to put your feet up and sip on a nice cup of tea?  You wouldn't have to worry about spills.  Perhaps you'd prefer a nap.  It's all good.  I like life a little less perfect.  And not to mention the obvious benefit of upcycling to the environment.  Image via Damien Russell

Want to see one of my favorite rooms featuring a chenille bedspread as a slipcover?  Click here.

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