Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm not usually one for trends, but...I must admit I am in love with neon!  Now I need to figure out how to do a pop of neon in my home.  Shouldn't be hard since I'm already in love with hot pink.  I just discovered a new blog that I adore called My Attic.  She makes great use of neon.

Isn't that neon pink vase sublime?  She spray painted it herself.  I love how it pops against the white.  I think I'm going to attempt to spray paint a vase neon pink.  I've spray painted vases before (see previous posts) and it's not that easy!  Looks like she's skilled at it.

I've always loved hot and cool colors together, so I am fascinated by her project entitled Neon vs. Pastel. 

When it comes to color, she and I have a lot in common.  As you know, I am obsessed with color blocking.  She's also a fan!  Take a look at her blog it's divine!  I'm going to be adding My Attic to my link list.

I use a lot more color in my home than I do in my wardrobe.  I usually wear black and add pops of color with accessories.  So the neon purses at Target are calling my name.

Especially this yellow one!  I think I need it.

Of course I would then need some new nail polish.  I think either of these looks by the fab Anna of Door Sixteen would look great with this bag!

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