Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Art Project - Painting Vases

Hello dear readers!  Hope you are having a great weekend.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek of an art project I'm working on.  My first art project in my new apartment!  Well my first non-digital project.  I'm working on some really cool digital projects.  But for now, it felt great to play with paint again.  It's been so long, I've been craving it.
First I bought a couple of cheap vases at the Goodwill.  I spent about $4.00 on vases.  They needed to have a simple geometric shape and a rather porous finish.  I selected the one above for its beautiful shape. Its finish was not original and chipped in a couple of places so it had to be sanded.  I've mentioned a few times that I am itching to add some blue to my apartment.  Still... you know... I love me some pink.  I went round and round - pink or blue?  My cousin said I already had pink covered in my home.  True dat.  I decided on a lovely shade of baby blue.  Besides, blue looks great with pink.
Ta da!  Here it is in its beautiful new shade.  Since the finish was porous, the paint went on easily with a brush.  No spray paint mess, perfect matte finish.  I kinda dig it.
This poor unloved baby had a great shape but a poorly applied, careless finish.  Not sure if it's original, might  be one of those textured spray paints.  This one could have been part of my ugly vase installation.  Since I dismantled that installation (sometimes I wish I hadn't), I decided instead to give her a make over.   I sanded the heck out of this thing, but had to give up my perfectionist tendencies.  Though smoother, this baby would never be completely smooth.
Ta da!  You know you love it, and so do I.    I actually dig the texture.  And I love its half moon shape!  Definitely Ikebana inspired.
Here are the two lovelies together.  This is my idea of upcycling.  What a gorgeous shade of blue!  Now I am on the hunt for more cheap, porous, simply shaped vases.  I also covered a canvas in this beautiful shade.  I am so crazy about this color I wish I could do an accent wall in it.  Since I'm not allowed to paint the walls, I thought it might be cool to go monotone in my display - have the painting, the bookcase and all the vases in the same color.  A tactile, accent wall!  Stay tuned - more discussions of the beauty of blue coming up.  If you are not a fan of blue, I promise you will be by the end of the week.  :)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  xo


Jessie said...

They look great! I love spray paint. :)

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I am not a fan of blue so this should be interesting.


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