Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeling Blue!

As promised, we are going to do an exploration of the color blue over the next few days.  Blue is a soft and calming color, often associated with healing in color psychology.  It looks great with pink, yellow and orange.  It looks great with purple and with the gray.  There are so many beautiful shades of blue.  Today we are going to look at every girl's favorite - Tiffany box blue.  I've been seeing it everywhere in decor and especially love it on accent walls.  We will also look at baby blue, pastel blue and turquoise.
No She Didn't opaque lipstick by Lime Crime.  Could you dare?  This lip stick would be totally fab with a pink streak in your hair.

I need this nail polish!  Tiffany imposter by Sally Beauty Supply.

Love the yellow and blue color blocking here.  Notice the bed is painted the same color as the bottom part of the wall.  Image Helenio Barbetta.
Not a great kitchen, but I am in love with the blue tiles, cabinets and cabinets.  Houston's Beer Can House.
An old rather dull table gets a face lift with the help of a beautiful shade of blue paint.  Etsy user minthome.

I know a ton of people who have this same boring wood table.  It looks so much fresher painted!  Here the owners have opted for painting the table yellow and adding blue chairs.  The look is fab!  Victoria's Perfect Blend via Apartment Therapy.
A pale blue chair looks lovely with pale lilac in the same hue.  Mimmi Staaf via My Attic.

I need this lovely round ottoman in my living room!  It would be great for storing blankets.  I love a piece that is beautiful and functional.  Room Service.
I adore this turquoise sofa.  My next sofa cover is going to be turquoise.  From Croatia via Desire to Inspire.
This stunning apartment features a blue wallpaper accent wall and blue accessories.  As you know, I'm not a big fan of wallpaper, but I think using it on an accent wall is a great idea.  The place looks very fresh.  Dragana's Apartment via Desire to Inspire.
Love the pale blue accent wall.  And dig those cute little tables.  They look kinda like mushrooms and they look great with that pop of pink from the rug.

Same place, other wall in a darker blue.  I love how they've used different blues, patterns and wood.  The place still looks fresh, organic and monotone.  Guilherme Torres via Desire to Inspire.

The blue pillows, rug and chandelier look great combined with the gray walls and sofa.  Also love the dash of silver provided by the phone.  Source for this gorgeous room unknown. Please contact me if you know the designer of this room.  Stay tuned for more blue tomorrow.


Jessie said...

These rooms are beautiful. I love turquoise and aqua colors. Our house now is the most blue I have ever had, but it's mostly turquoise shades.

Jullianna B said...

I love turquoise !!! But I don`t know... the lips?..

Peggy said...

Hi Jessie, I have more blue than I've ever had. Most is turquoise as well.

Jullianna B - why not the lips? Our face is just another canvas. I wore yellow eyeshadow last summer and surprised myself. I also did a post on yellow eyeshadow. Thanks for visiting, hope you come back often!

Mxx said...

Blue is not my color... but, I love the pictures you posted especially the one with the blue chandelier. Have fun decorating!


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