Monday, May 14, 2012

Got Legs? Part Two

In my post below, I featured a beautiful apartment where all the furniture has legs.  I love the look of elevating the furniture from the floor.  It makes a place look airy.  That's why I am in love with my Danish sofa.  I adore ottomans with legs and bookcases with legs.  Turns out I am not the only one obsessed.  Here are some great ideas if you need add or show off legs in your place.

I love this idea!  Custom legs for Ikea furniture by Pretty Pegs.   Those pink ones are pretty sweet.  Would be fun to make a coffee table using those.

I've been seeing this look a lot lately, where it looks like the legs have been dipped in paint.  I especially love when it looks like they have been dipped in a neon color.

Also love the look where the legs are exposed.  Kind of like the chair is wearing panty hose.  Sexy.  Above two images Koskela via My Attic.

Here the top of the leg is left exposed.  Love the injection of hot pink with the the wood and neutral color scheme.  Image via The Style Files.

Here the top of the leg is painted the same color as the table top, and the bottom is exposed.  I love the white and the peak of the real materials the table is made of.  I adore this table, I'd like to have it for my work desk.  It's not often I see a table I like as much as the Parsons.  Image via Koskela.
Designer extraordinaire, Anna from Door Sixteen is a master at injecting hot pink into her mostly black and white home.  She painted these legs on her sofa.  I'm thinking about copying this idea.
Here's another great idea called the Tick System by designer Jacob Schenk.  The legs are wire sculpted into a pure form.  They can be easily hooked onto any piece of wood to make a simple looking table.  Another great idea in sustainability.  I love them.  I hope we will be able to get these in the U.S.


Jessie said...

I just bought a vintage dresser for our guest bedroom and it has legs. I rather have dressers that sit up off the floor. It's better for having to place it near or over an air vent! Plus furniture with legs are usually cuter. :)

Jessie said...

I just watched this video about blogging, thought you may enjoy it!


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