Monday, May 14, 2012

Got legs?

Did you follow this year's Small Cool contest at Apartment Therapy?  It was a lot of fun, and there were many good entries.  Hard to believe this is already their 8th annual!  If you didn't follow, don't despair, they have all the entries on their site and there's always next year.  Next up is their color contest, which I think happens in the fall.  

My favorite entry did not win, although I am happy for the winner.  The winner has a blog that I enjoy reading and he is an amazing DIYer.  His blog is entitled Manhattan Nest.  I'm not sure why that's not on my link list.  An unintentional omission I intend to correct.  But I digress.  This is not a post about Daniel, but rather about Matt.  Matt's apartment was by far my favorite.

I love Matt's apartment.  He designed the space to fit his needs, moving his sleeping area into his living room and making the bedroom into an office.  Having lived in a studio for many years, I totally get it.  You get used to the open space.  I may do this very same thing in my new apartment.  I need a work area for my art projects and I'd love to sleep by the sliding glass doors in the living area.

Matt has a great art collection.  But one of my favorite things about Matt's apartment are its legs!  Notice how all the furniture has legs and is elevated from the floor.  I love the look of furniture with legs.  It makes all the furniture appear to float and gives the place a nice airy feel.  Adding to the airy feel is the lack of window treatments.  The place is a bit masculine, but I could live here.  There's only one thing I'd like to change - you guessed it - I'd like to paint all the floors white!  Ahh, then it really would look like living on a cloud.

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