Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just Browsing

I've been having a lot of fun exploring the shops and flea markets in my new neighborhood.  Not really buying, but getting a ton of inspiration.  Here are some interesting things I've seen:

Saw this interesting wall shelf at the Goodwill.  It's about 18" high.  I thought about buying it to display some of my toy collection, but passed.  It's interesting, but it's not exactly what I want.  I have a shelf in mind, now just to find it!  Wish I built furniture!

Was tempted by this cute tea kettle at the flea market.  Love the atomic shape.  Dealer offered it to me for $5.00.   Hmm.  Still thinking about this one.

More temptation at yet another flea market.  This time in Hartville.  No shortage of cute stuff to buy.  I'm being very picky, though.  I like things, but I like my apartment clean, simple and kind of sparse.

On to Big Lots.  Another store I'd never heard of.  They had a ton of cheap vases and just about everything else you'd need for the home.  I can't help but wonder why Cleveland is so devoid of shops.  I used to have to leave the city whenever I wanted to spend money on things for the home.

Saw these lovelies at Marshalls.  The tall one is very tempting to me.  I am falling madly in love with blue, especially baby blue.  I've been seeing it everywhere and I am dying to decorate a place in monotone blue.  Maybe a cool blue color scheme would help me stay cool in the summer.

Also really loving outdoor furniture.  Much of it is so cute you could use it indoors!  Saw this wonderful set up at World Market.  I love the blue coffee table and the blue drum used as an end table.  Would fit in nicely in my all blue decor.  No wonder people have more than one home.  Wouldn't it be fun to say to your friends, "Would you like to have dinner at the pink house or the blue house?"  I prefer to fantasize.  In actuality, I'd hate to clean two houses, and I panic when I feel as if I have too much stuff.  It's all about balance.  Keeping balance in mind helps when facing the temptations of shopping.   So rather than shop for stuff, how about just shopping for inspiration?

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Jessie said...

I love to just LOOK at stuff. Shopping can be very inspirational for me. :) I don't think I could of passed up that Hello Kitty with the glasses though! SO CUTE!


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