Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pottery Jones

Hello dear readers!  Well, I said I wasn't going to do it - but I got some new vases for my apartment.  Oh well, it's an addiction.  One from the Goodwill, one from Marshalls, and one was a gift.  Now I'm busying rearranging pottery in my apartment and I must admit it is one of my favorite things to do.  Display is an art form.  Beautiful objects need beautiful display.   I wish I owned a pottery store!  I scoured the Internet looking for some inspiration and found plenty.  Here's a few beautiful displays of pottery.

Love the pale gray vases!  Gray is one of my new favorite colors.  I'd love to decorate a room in all soft shades of gray.  Dreamy.  Image via Bolig Magasinet.

I love this monochromatic display!  One of my favorite ways to display vases is by color.  I also love all the simple shapes.

Drool worthy display of German op art pieces.  Above two images Roger's Carefully Curated London Home via Apartment Therapy.

Another beautiful display.  Love the pop of gray and the pop of orange.  Also love the frames as art, great use of negative space.  I love when beautiful objects are displayed and the overall look is still clean and simple. 
I need these vases!  Matte finishes are my favorite!  That yellow chair is not bad either.  Above two images  Rachel and Marc's Bright, Beautiful London Home via Apartment Therapy.

I love vases paired with art.  Cute organic cut paper art by Tiel Seivi-Keevers.


Jessie said...

Great Inspiration! I keep buying crap from Goodwill 2! So, don't feel bad. The way I look at it is, it's affordable and I can just re-donate it back when I am done decorating with it. :)

Peggy said...

Hi Jessie! There's a really great Goodwill near my home. For just a couple of dollars I can satisfy that urge for retail therapy. And I do the same thing, re-donate once I am done with something. It's the ultimate in recycling!


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