Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pottery Jones

In honor of Elsa Rady, I'd like to show the work of two extremely skilled ceramicsts.  I believe their work is influenced by hers.  The first is Justin Teilhet.  Justin works miracles with porcelain.  These sensuous shapes would look fabulous  in modern decor.  The thin, long necks of his vessels evidence his skill.  Providing an unexpected twist on his shapes, are the round vases with just a tiny hint of a neck.

Second is Jeff Nimeh.  These vessels are amazing in their beautiful simplicity.  I've said it many times - pottery is a tactile art form.  I long to touch these vases.

4/12/11:   I received a very kind email from Jeff Nimeh thanking me for mentioning his beautiful work.  He informs me that he was, indeed, influenced by Elsa Rady's work.

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