Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I would really love to have a new (pink) sectional in my apartment.  Since a chair is more a more affordable option (and easier to get up the stairs), I decided to go chair shopping.  I saw some really cool options.
This chair looks like a car seat and is really comfy.  Love the color and love the legs.  I also really adore the end table and the groovy standing lamp.

Here's another turquoise chair.  Love the color.

Dig this round chair!  I love it!
I love using mismatched chairs.  One of each of these would look great with my dining room table.  All above images taken by Peggy at Sweet Lorain.  If you know the designers of any of these chairs, please contact me.

Comfy recliner and foot rest at thrift store.  Price is a little steep at $325.00.

I love Jen of Made by Girl's office.  Love the white Parsons desk and the office chair.  I like the idea of having a functional chair that serves a dual purpose - comfortable extra seating as well as a good task chair for the computer.

Here is an affordable option that is similar to Jen's chair.  I saw it at Staples for $129.00.  And it's white vinyl - not leather - which is a plus.

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Jessie said...

I just saw a chair like the one in Jen's office at TJ Maxx. I didn't price it though, because I didn't have a need for it! I know you shop there though, so you should see if the TJ Maxx in your area has the chair or ask. I love all the vintage chairs you posted! They all looked so clean and nice.


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