Sunday, February 6, 2011

Color Obsession: Sage

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you already know of my love affair with color.  I used to decorate my apartment in all white, and I still really love all white interiors.  But ever since I got a taste of using color, I'm addicted.  I can obsess about a color for days, and it brings me great joy.  I've been obsessing about lilac a lot lately, which led me to think about sage.  Sage looks great with lilac.  Sage is such a beautiful, versatile color.  It evokes images of nature, it can be used with cool or warm colors.  Here are some pictures from my inspiration folder.  I'm sure you will agree that sage is a very beautiful color.

This is one of my favorite rooms of all time!   I adore the undecorated, almost careless way  this  room is styled.  This is harder to pull off than it looks.  Whenever I attempt carefree decorating, it just looks messy. I  am completely smitten with the Finn Juhl sofa.  It's one of my favorites and it looks great in sage.  The sage  sofa looks fab with the pops of lilac provided by the rug and pillow.  Image from Domino.
This beautiful room is from the Crate and Barrel catalog.  I adore the sage chairs coupled with the yellow sofa.  Look at that gorgeous fireplace!  This is my fantasy fireplace I'd like to have in my fantasy atomic ranch.  It's simple and not overdone.  Love the white subway tiles, and I love starbursts over a mantel.  Beautiful pottery display on the mantel provides continuity with sage and yellow being repeated.

I love monochrome collections in simple shapes.  I adore this collection of sage McCoy Floraline pottery.  Simple objects gain power when clustered together and still remain uncluttered looking due to the consistency  of the pieces.  Image from Cottage Style magazine, Fall/Winter 2010.

These beautiful gourd lamps look great in sage, and look great paired with the Chinese buffet in aqua.  Works very well in this earthy dining room.  Image Cottage Style, Fall Winter 2010.

Here is an example of sage being used in a light and airy room.  Sage is a great neutral and a pop of it fits in almost any color scheme.  I love the blue curtain panel paired with the sage panel.  Image via the Designers Guild.  BTW - have you seen their new line of sofas?  I love all of them!  I need to do a post on them.

Another light and airy room, also one of my favorites.  I love the low scale of it and the use of color here is amazing.  Sage throw, gray rug, yellow and lilac pillows.  Colors you might not  think of combining.  It works because of the white walls and the fact that pattern is kept to a minimum.  Image Elle Decoration, April 2010.

Sage and blue pop in this beautiful rug.  A cool contract to the otherwise warm room.  Image Atomic Ranch, Spring 2006.  (Can you tell that I am doing a lot of magazine reading while being home bound?) Fab painting by Judy Gittlesohn.

I am in love with these ottomans!  They look fabulous with the black and white rug.  I'd like to have four of them.  I'd do a cute Moroccan influenced seating arrangement in the alcove in the front of my apartment.  It's fun to dream.  Today my dreams are made of sage.  Gorgeous ottomans available from Etsy user Fabulous Mess.

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elissa @ faucethead said...

that sage settee is perfect in that space. i agree that the first image is bursting with inspiration but can be hard to recreate in your own space.


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