Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever, Part II

Remember the hanging lamp from CB2 that I've been coveting?  Although it's fairly reasonably priced  for a pendant lamp, it's still not in my budget.  But I had to have a hanging light.  I picked up this rice paper lamp at World Market for $5.99.  I love it!  I may do a cluster of these.  The cord doesn't look great, but those hooks were already in the ceiling.  Hey, it's a rental.
Looks sorta like a flying saucer doesn't it?  I still really hate the mirror tiles, but like I said, it's a rental.  I've been craving textiles, so I picked up a couple of blue panels from Target.  I adore the luxurious feel of textiles.

I can't get over this beautiful room by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz from his book Emotional Rooms.   This is the epitome of luxury.  I would love to drape fabric in my apartment.  I think it would work well since the ceilings are low and there are several alcoves.  Also, the apartment is cold, and this would warm it up.  I'm thinking of making my living room into a bedroom, and turning my bedroom into a studio.  I love the idea of not having to unpack my paints every time the creative impulse strikes.  Better yet, I love the idea of being able to close the door on the mess.  I must comment about those lamps!  They are so gorgeous they are about giving me a heart attack.  I think they are Murano glass.  If I ever saw these in a yard sale, there is no way I could pass them up!

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Jessie said...

It sounds like moving your apartment around may be good for you! You need to do whatever WORKS for you. :) The pendant lamp looks cute!


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