Monday, December 20, 2010

Purple Sofas

There's a Starbucks near me that has purple velvet lounging chairs. They're big and slouchy and so comfortable. Ever since I went there, I've been in love with purple sofas.

I featured this sofa previously in a post about orange (see previous post here). Purple looks great with orange. I love the pop of that orange pillow. Image via HGTV.

This gorgeous room was featured below in my post about about yellow. I adore the low scale of this sofa. Image source unknown.

This is the new Spring line from DWR! Totally fab! Image via Dwell.

If I were going to do a purple sofa, I'd definitely do gray walls. I adore this sofa! Kind of looks like a tufted mattress or an updated version of the Togo. I love everything about this room. The gray walls and floor, the fab rug and lamp. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Love living small.

Here is the piece de resistance! Sorry I don't know how to do accent marks in blogger - but I'm sure you get my meaning. I almost fainted when I saw this room. Oh how I love thee. Purple sofa, check. Gray walls, check. Hot pink pouf, check. I think this is my inspiration for spring. Hot pink, purple and gray. Love it. Image via Desire to Inspire.

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Where can we purchase sofas.


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