Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lamp Tramp

Today I am obsessing about lamps.  Not unusual, I obsess about lamps all the time.  I love them as much as I love pottery.  Or maybe today I have lighting on the brain because my whole neighborhood is lit up with Christmas lights!  Lighting - it's fun!  I thought I'd show some unusual, unexpected lighting today.  Any of which would fit in a modern loft (something I am always obsessing about, as you know).

I adore hanging resin lanterns from the 1950s.  They look especially fab clustered together.  Sometimes you can get lucky and find them at the Salvation Army or the Good Will.  Image Vogue Living, Jan/Feb 2010.
I saw this beautiful standing lamp with resin lanterns at a local vintage store.

Stunning 1960s Scandinavian lights.  Love the shape, love the color.  Image Elle Decoration, April 2010.  Please contact me if you know this designer.

Beautiful capis drum chandelier.  Image via Oly Studio.

 Atelier Abigail Ahern.  I know I've shown this lamp a million times, but I can't help it!  Look at  it! I love the geometric base that looks like pottery.  And the oversize shade in yellow - scrumptious!

Image via bijou kaleidoscope.  Love the geometric shape of this base.
Fascinating, sculptural table lamp.  Looks like it would be easy to DIY.  I'd probably use softer bulbs.  Or maybe a black glass bowl.  My bad on organization with this image.  This is from a Japanese hotel.  I got the image from flickr, and now can't find it.  Please contact me if you know the designer/hotel.  Thank you.

I saw this standing lamp at TJ Maxx.  I think it would look cool inverted and used as a hanging lamp.

These beautiful half-moon lamps, with drum shades were at Home Goods.  A real steal at $49.00.  I could see these in a modern loft.  Bed -  large and ultra comfortable bedding.  Matching simple nightstands and one of these babies on each table.  And nothing else.  They make me think, hip and zen minimal.

Sorry for the poor quality.  This one was taken guerrilla style.  This unexpected beauty was spotted in a local art cafe.  Looks like a DIY, and not too hard.  Sticks, little Christmas lights and fabric.  I may try a version of this.

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Kat said...

Hello Peggy! Im also in-love with lamps and home lighting fixtures! I personally think they give remarkable accent and life to interior decoration. Thanks for sharing this. One of a kind selection..


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