Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Long Wish List

Dear readers - does this ever happen to you? I am feeling dissatisfied with my apartment and wishing I had money to completely start over. It always seems like I have a long list of things I want. Sometimes it makes my head spin. I wonder if I am shallow, or greedy. There are so many more important things in the world. I wish I could be satisfied with what I have. I actually have quite a lot of pretty things. What I am searching for? Perfection? Happiness? Are we ever satisfied? The Internet feeds my obsession and I wonder if I should take a break from blogging.

Still, humans are such creative beings. The skill of artisans never ceases to amaze me. And looking at how people dress their homes is a constant source of fascination for me. Here's a few things I am dreaming about.

1. A new sofa. I'd like to have a sectional. I love the use of a sectional in a room on its own. There is no need for chairs and you can pile it high with lots of pillows. I don't have an image, because I have not encountered the one I want yet. But I am sure it is either white or pink.

2. White floors. I dream of a simple, modern, clean, open loft space. Image via Purple Area.

3. This chrome shelf. I think my pottery collection would look great on it. I want something simple that will not complete with the pottery. Image by Peggy.

4. A pink Sophie Cook vase. So perfect.

5. The Parsons Desk. In my opinion this is one of the best designs of all time. It is geometric perfection. I would actually like to have a couple of these. Image via West Elm.

6. A pendant lamp. This dream may actually come true. The Eden Pendant Lamp from CB2 is the most reasonably priced pendant lamp I've encountered. I prefer a drum shade, but this design has a fabric diffuser. Fascinating. I love soft lighting. Maybe I will order this. I feel pangs of guilt even thinking of buying something for myself when I should be thinking of Christmas presents.

7. An acrylic coffee table. I love acrylic! I adore how an acrylic table provides function but takes up no visual weight in a room. Perfect if you have a fab rug that you don't want to hide. Image via Kat's Salvage Style via Apartment Therapy.

8. This painting by Jen Ramos. Isn't it fabulous? You already know I adore large paintings anchoring a space and I love the simplicity of this one. The dots look like lipstick swirls - her words. But I was thinking that exact thing, honest! Great job, Jen!

What about you dear readers? Do you have a million things on your wish list? Do you sometimes wish your home were "done"? Perhaps this is a good time for me to participate in an experiment in simple living.


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

That's so cute to see my painting included in your wishlist! :))

loll designs said...

I am with you on the white floors. They look so good with everything!


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