Monday, September 1, 2014

Tips for adding a pop color to your hair

It was Dale Bozio who first turned me on to pink hair.  In college we used to experiment with dying our hair pink with kool aid!  It's been a long while since I've experimented with pink hair, and hair products have improved substantially.  I've been experimenting with adding a pop of pink to my hair. It still needs a little tweaking, but I'm having fun!  If you're thinking of adding a pop color to your hair, here's a couple of tips I'd like to share.

If your hair is already dyed with a permanent color, there's a couple things you'll want to consider.  Pop colors tend to be semi-permanent.  Freshly colored hair will be more porous and the semi-permanent dye will stay in your hair much longer. It won't actually wash out, but rather fade over time.  This is the look I was going for.

If you want the semi-permanent color to wash out quickly, postpone coloring your hair with permanent dye. For best results, have the color done by a professional.  However,these tips are for those of us with limited budgets, or who just like to do our own hair.

I used Garnier Fructis' new color styler in pink. I am still tweaking my technique, my hair isn't exactly like I want it yet. Garnier Fructis' semi permanent color doesn't have to be disposed of after each use, making it highly economical.  Here's a couple of supplies you will want to buy:

1.  Extra disposable gloves.  The box only comes with one pair and the dye is difficult to wash off your hands.

2.  Paint brushes.  The size will depend on the amount of hair you want to color.  For a dipping technique, use a larger brush.  For a streak, use a small one.  Trust me, it is not easy to apply a pop color with your fingers.  Save your fingers for all over color.

3.  Bobby pins.  It's easier to be more precise with the dye if pin back hair you don't want to dye.

4.  Be fearless and have fun!  Playing with your hair is the easiest way to change your look.  And the great thing is that it grows back.

Want to OD on some pink hair?  I'm your pusher. See my pink hair gallery at flickr here. See my pinterest board here.

I know I've been talking about hair a lot lately.  I'm going to change focus in my next post.  For the next week or so we will be talking about one of my favorite subjects - color!

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