Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pink Hair Experiment

As you know, I've been obsessed with hair recently. I love talking about hair about as much as I love talking about color. Maybe I should have been a beautician.  Also, as you know, I recently got a hair cut. I cut off about ten inches. I love having my hair long, but the detangling of my hair became agonizing. Especially during the friggin' hot summer. I know, I know, I'm gonna piss some people off. But I like winter. I like rain.  I like gray skies. I know I'm a freak, and I do beat myself up over it. But hey, lately I'm giving myself a break. I'm just in the wrong environment. I should probably be in Iceland.  Hmmm.  Need to add that to my travel list.

Anyway, I love my hair long.  Worn it long almost my whole life.  But it was making me cry when I combed it out after washing. Seriously. It hurt that bad. A couple times I experimented with growing dreads. But not for me. I prefer soft, natural, ahem, platinum hair, just the way nature intended.

The cut felt great, the front was drastically longer, just like I wanted. (see previous post here). But here's the thing. I'm a lover of asymmetry. I even thought about having the right side longer than the left. The stylist wouldn't do it - bless her heart.  She said, this is a great starter cut. See where you go from here, and stay comfortable with who you are.  It's easier to cut more hair, if needed (and affordable since I was at Great Clips where this divine creature cuts my hair for $13, no lie.) I'd much rather go back to have more cut. The adding more on is the difficult part, lol.

So I did it.  It felt great and weightless, fluffy.  But I hated those pieces in front. Can't stand the hair in my face. Was really grateful I had enough hair to pull back in a scrunchy.  I had a short cut that I HATED once, so that's my rule. I must be able to pull my hair back. I said...those pieces in front.  I adore that cut when I see it on others.  I just don't like it on me.

One day looking in the  mirror, I cut them very precisely.  I am still a great lover of a super geometric extreme blunt cut  Younger friends tell me to get long layers. True, layers are better than they were when I was a kid. But...I think I hate them.  Yep.  I'm obsessive about my hair.  Have been since I was about three years old.  If I can work up the courage, I will share a couple of pics from my childhood.

Anyway, will you just look at that fabulous creature Zanna Roberts Rossi in this pic from Under the Gunn, Season One?  I mean look how fab her hair is.  Although that is deceptive. It's simple, but not easy. That took a stylist who had to blow it out, tease it and iron it and gosh knows how much product. But it's freaking gorgeous.  I am a lover of geometry.  She'd look great with a pink streak in her hair.

And okay, can I just mention those bitchin' shoes she's wearing.  I need them. Badly. If you know the designer, please leave a comment.

I wanna be Zanna when I grow up.  Look at that hair, look at that style. And when you hear her accent, well forget about it.  Working for Marie Claire, Zanna has to remain at the forefront of fashion, and she does it with ease. These vests are gonna be big this fall and winter. They're warm and allow for mobility. I want a gray one. I'd wear it with gray long johns, large clunky bracelet and rain boots.  I shit you not. I love wet weather, and I want to be stylish as well as comfortable.  Sorry I digress. Image via DuJour (warning!  highly addicting site)

Anyhoo...Zanna would like great with a pink streak.  I've worn pink hair in college, we actually died our hair with kool aid, and I was in love with Dale Bozio's style.  I had a corporate job so haven't played with pink hair in many years, and I've been itching to.  Wouldn't you know?  Garnier Fructis has a new line of pop colors?

Not a sponsored post

And reasonably priced too!  What's cool is that you don't have to dispose of it after each use, so it's very economical.  My hair was freshly colored with my favorite L'oreal dimensional color (see previous post here).


oh dear. wish i had done a streak rather than a dip. the product feels stiff and the rest of my hair is so luxuriously soft. needs some tweaking. put it in a bun to go out.


pink towels and pink hair, lol!  a little improved on the softness.  put the number three conditioner that comes with the L'oreal hair color on the pink and kept it in all night. was able to wash it and get a fine tooth comb through it. a miracle! felt much softer and like the fading. experimenting with hot ironing the front and leaving back messy.  can't wait to see how it grows out. i'm an expert at growing my hair out.

In my next post I'll have some tips for adding pop colors in your hair.  If you have insomnia, you can follow my pink hair experiment at instagram and/or twitter @margiemax....or not... because I may write about it more...or not....haven't decided if I am unplugging or not, lol. Just taking it day by day.

Today was a good day to stay in the A/C and play with pink hair.  What about you dear, readers? What are you doing this long weekend?

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