Friday, August 8, 2014


I'm obsessed with hair. I should have been a hair dresser. I love long hair, I've worn my hair long most of my life except for a stint during my corporate days when I wore a bob. After the big hair days, I gave my poor tender head a break from all the abuse and cut my over-processed hair into a bob and stopped with the perming, teasing and spraying. I wore the bob for many years, and wore every variation of it. Bangs and no bangs. Prefer no bangs.  If you want to grow your hair long, the bob is the perfect place to start.

Anyway, it had been over five years since I had been to a salon. Poverty forced me to cut my own hair. But now it's time for a change. Detangling my hair has gotten to be a hardship. I actually cry when I detangle my hair - it hurts.  And don't tell me about magical detangling solutions. I've tried them all, and they don't work. Not for me anyway.

I started craving something more sporty. More carefree and bouncy. The key for me is low maintenance.

Remember this gorgeous model from my previous post? I see this hair cut a lot, and like it on other people, but it's not for me. Honestly I never want a cut short enough that the back of my neck needs shaved. I remember one time when I went for a trim and heard the electric clipper being turned on.  The horror! And then when I felt it on the back of my neck - well, I never went back to that stylist again and there were lots of tears.  The good news about hair is, it does grow back.  Anyway, I love the color of this model's hair. I wish I could achieve a beautiful gray blonde, but I think it would be high maintenance.

Here are some sporty looks I like.  I really love Kaley Cuoco's new swingy 'do.

I'm still really loving Jenny McCarthy's 'do.  This was the influence for my new hair cut. Gosh, I wish the stylist could make me this beautiful. I might even dye my hair red.  Hmm.  So many choices.

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