Friday, August 8, 2014

New Hair, New Glasses!

Okay, so it was way overdue - I needed a new pair of glasses. Can you believe it had been ten years since my last new pair?  Luckily over sized plastic frames are back in style.  I never really liked the small wire frames I wore.  I wasn't really sure about wearing frames that are so dark.  These are blue, and I wish they were a lighter blue, but I do love them.  Believe it or not they are bifocals!  Gosh, my first pair of bifocals. But you can't tell. It's great to be able to see again!

In honor of my new glasses I decided to cut my hair. I love my hair long, but I needed a change.  And detangling had gotten to be such a trial. Honestly, I would cry when I combed my hair it hurt so bad.

So, I went to the stylist. I told her today was "New glasses, new hair day."  She squealed with delight, "I love new glasses, new hair day!" she said.

So here I am with new hair and new glasses!  I went with the Jenny McCarthy cut, longer in front, but not so stacked in the back. Still thinking of doing a pink stripe.
Here's a side view.  I love it, but I may have to cute the front, it's kinda getting on my nerves. Right now it has to be blown dry and then flat ironed. I'm a low maintenance kind of girl. My stylist and I have an agreement, better for the hair to be too long - you can always cut more. I hate when it's too short.  Any way, I love the new look and combing doesn't hurt any more!  Hooray!

Cutting your hair is an easy way to change your look and your attitude. I with we could change our features so easily. I really want a nose job. If there are any plastic surgeons out there who would like to operate for free, please contact me. We can run a feature on my blog!


belledame said...

love the new glasses. got my first pair last year. wire rectangles like your old ones. everything else made me look old (realize i look older than my self image?) - these made me feel like no one would notice i'm wearing glasses. now i see how no one realizes diana prince is wonder woman. it's like people see the glasses and stop looking at my face.

Unknown said...

Your look is fab u lous!!!!!!

Peggy said...

@belledame thanks for commenting. Honey, that's probably just your perception. Glasses don't take away from beauty. You are probably just still getting used to them. No one notices glasses when a woman walks with confidence. I've been wearing them since I was a child so they are kind of part of my identity. I like looking smart. Smart is sexy, and I know you are smart. And you are sexy by virtue of being a woman!

Peggy said...

@haley - Hi and thanks for reading and for the kind comment! xo

Jessie said...

The glasses are adorable! You know I love chopping my hair off. hahaha I keep trying to go shorter but my hair dresser says no, since my hair is so thick and wavy.


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