Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My BFF Got Married ...or... Another Facebook and eHarmony Miracle!

Dear readers, here is another Facebook miracle.  As you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but right now it's tipping more toward the love side.  Ahhh to be a Libra.  It's all about balance.

Anyhoo, my pal Elena and I were friends in high school and were in marching band together. My family moved in high school and eventually we lost touch. Some 30 years later, we are reconnected and it is like no time has passed. She's still the sweet, funny, patient, great listener she always was. She's smart, she's supportive and cute. Well, she's as close as you get to perfect.

She got married Saturday. It was one of those spectacular days that are too few and far between. It was all about love.

I was thrilled to do the bride's makeup. That's something I've always wanted to do. Can you believe, I've never been a bridesmaid? I've never helped a bride primp. This was a moment I savored. Elena felt like my life size Barbie doll.  What a day for my camera to poop out! I apologize for the poor lighting, I had to use my Android, but I made the best of it, so I thought I'd go with a Fall motif to make it look intentional. I don't think anyone's fooled though! :)

Here's the story of Elena and Eric's Wedding, 9/13/14

Before. We all were giddy helping Elena get ready and she was adorably nervous.

Had a hard time getting her to hold still, lol.  But here is the finished make up, she wanted a fresh look.

I also got to help style her hair, headpiece and jewelry.  So fun.

Her chic and stylish mother helped too! I did her makeup as well. What an honor! Look at that pose! She looks like The Grande Dame of Haute Couture And dig that cape. I tried to steal it from her, but my plans were foiled.

Beautiful and delicious chocolate cake.

The yard looked romantic and inviting.

Princess Obie, the ring bearer, greeter and official eater.

Elena thinks of everything! Insect repellent and sunblock.

My seat! I was treated like a VIP. How cool is that?

Photo by Peggy

Photo by Lona Gless

Eric catches his first glimpse of his beautiful bride. Even now, I want to cry looking at these pictures. It really doesn't need description - it's all there in his eyes. It's love. I love seeing the different angles from different photographers.

Oh gosh, I'm goner in like two seconds. Sitting in the front row, sobbing. And I do mean sobbing. Not dainty little tears you can dab at with a cute hanky. Nope. Sobs. Thank goodness for my big ass sunglasses.

Photo by Lona Gless

Cooper, the best man.

It's all about love.

Photo by Lona Gless

Elena finally tears up, even though she tried not to. I wish I had taken this picture! Lona perfectly catches the love in her eyes. Elena looks stunningly beautiful, I am so proud of my styling. Again, it's all about love.

First dance as a married couple.

Elena's post/wedding reception outfit was to die for!  I love that she's still wearing her head piece. Love the pashmina which was loaned to her by Lona Gless (of the above marked photos). Apparently Lona has style. And will you look at Elena's swag. The pashmina is paired with a flower so she can be carefree and not worry about it falling off. Combined with the boots and jeans you have the perfect mix of hard and soft.

Dirty dancing! Yes Elena and Eric have mojo to spare. This was such an emotional day for me, Elena and I had been so boy crazy in high school.  All I wanted was a boyfriend, and I couldn't seem to find one. We used to dream of one day being loved and looked at the way Eric looks at her. As I watched from my seat I thought, "Huh, she did it." She had found what we dreamed about - some 30 years later, and through the miracle of Facebook I got to see it!

P.S.  The happy couple met on eHarmony and they highly recommend it!

All photos by Peggy, except where noted.  No photo to be copied or reproduced without the express permission of the editor of Creative Influence.

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Jessie said...

I'm so glad you were able to be there. This is an example of why I keep my Facebook. :) Her makeup looked great.


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