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Celebrating Color: Green!

I'm one of the few people I know who are actually looking forward to Fall and Winter.  Fall is my favorite time of year. Lately I haven't been able to go outside much because the heat and I just don't get along.  But I love walking in the park in the Fall.  I love observing nature's cycles.

Our area of the globe has been lushly green because we've had a lot of rain.  I love rain, and I love grey skies. Still deciding where I'm moving - Seattle is a contender.
 Image by Peggy

I've been under the weather for a couple of weeks, I need to cheer myself up. When it comes to cheering myself up, color psychology works best. I love contemplating (and writing about color).  For the next week or so, I'll be focusing on color and will conclude with showing how I'm using color in my apartment at the moment (you might be surprised).

It seems appropriate to do a feature about green. Funny thing about green. Though I adore it outside, and am deeply in love with trees, I don't really like it much in my decor. I have used mint green, sage, aqua and chartreuse.  I'm not a fan of true green nor forest green in my home. Of course, when it comes to color in my home, I've learned never to say never. I've used orange and yellow in my home - two colors I never thought I'd use.  Still not really a fan of red in the home, but love red clothes.

I think no one can do green better than Mother Nature. Green is obviously on trend for fall.  Green accessories are everywhere. 
You are in luck if you want a green accessory for your home. Green accessories are everywhere. I took this photo at Home Goods.

Photo by personal friend of editor, not to be used without permission

If I were going to use green in my place, it would be bright green.  And of course, it would be coupled with pink. Pink looks great with everything!  I love this picture taken at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by my sister-in-law. Check those guitars and those bearded drums. I could design a room around this photo. Yep, bright green and pink art and white faux fur.  It would be fab.  This pic would also look cool blown up to poster size.

Designer Kristine Guico (Project Runway, Season 13) made this cute green dress for the unconventional challenge. I could design a room around this dress.  Yep, bright green and graphic vintage marquee letters.  It would be fab.
Remember the winner of Project Runway, Season 4, kid genius and designer extraordinaire, Christian Siriano?  Christian is arguably the most talented and successful of the Project Runway alumni. I've never worn green, but I'd be tempted to wear these gorgeous pieces for Fall and Winter.  Of course, they are a forest green.  I predict we will see a lot of forest green in fashion this Fall, and it will be paired with purple.

Here's a few pictures of rooms featuring green.  I love how fresh these rooms are.

This image is from an inspiration folder I started preparing when my friend Haley got a fab new place. She's an earthy kind of girl and I dig her style. Green sofa looks fabulous in this organic/industrial spot.  Love the unexpected pop of color from the pouf.  I also love me a round coffee table.  Image VT Wonen.

I love the color scheme of the pink, blue and green.  You wouldn't really call these pastel colors, nor are they exactly jewel tones.  Maybe you'd call them candy colored.  Love metallic touches as well. Fig House design by Emily Henderson.  Emily is a master at using the color green.  I adore Emily, even though our aesthetics are very different. Emily was the winner of Design Star, Season 5.  Remember her fabulous green ceiling?
 I miss her show on HGTV!  Oh and BTW - I just gotta show you Emily's baby son Charlie (click here).  Isn't he the cutest little guy you've ever seen!  Image via HGTV.

Emily recently designed office space for Oh Joy!  I dig that green sofa with the pink chairs.  Love the yellow and blue pillows too.  Don't really love the galley wall.  This is a big difference in mine and Emily's aesthetic.  I think it looks cluttered.  I prefer that art doesn't compete with each other and prefer one large piece.  I've written about this in previous posts, and this will also be the subject of an upcoming post.

I dearly love this bedroom.  Beautiful use of color.  Most of the room is white with pops of pink, salmon and green.  An unexpected touch is the use of the gray quilted headboard which mimics the pattern on the chair.  Love how fresh and airy this place looks.  Love the white floor!  Image source unknown.

Another beautiful earthy room.  Love the planks, love the white floor.  Love the sofa and pillows.  Hate the animal skin rug, but all in all a gorgeous room.  Nice take on lodge style.  Image Myrica Bergqvist.
I love this green coffee table.  You don't have to do your whole room in green, you can add just a pop.  Photo Patric Johansson for Elle Interior.

Eeeek!  My favorite sofa of all time - the Poet Sofa by Finn Juhl.  The sofa would look great in any color, but it looks particularly fab in pale green.  Love the green coffee tables, kinda look like floating lily pads. That's why I love legs on my furniture - so everything looks like it's floating.  The concrete planter is a nice touch as is the green wire sculpture.  Image via Living Etc.

Notice the sculpture behind the sofa in the above pic.  Reminds me of this green sculpture I saw at The Land of Plenty. I dig it. Would look great in a large industrial loft. Would be cool in a garden too. I didn't buy it because I 'm not making any big purchases because I will be moving soon.  More to come on that in the near future.

These art glass vases by Paola Navone would add a soft green, organic touch to a room. I was struck by these, thinking they look like sea anemones and would look great in a large aquarium.  They are appropriately named fish vases and are available at Crate and Barrel.

Here's an experiment where I was using emerald (Pantone's color of the year for 2013), in my home. I even painted the vase to match. My place doesn't look like this right now.  Reveal coming up soon, if I can ever get the place cleaned up!

After spending so much time talking about pop colors for your hair, it doesn't seem right not to include an example of green as a pop hair color.  This fab creature is sporting a fab green ponytail, yet another way to add your pop color.  It's all about fun.

Image via Teen Vogue.

For more fabulous green hair ideas, see my previous post about Natasha Lillipore here. Why not be brave and have fun with your look when you go out this fall?  Don't forget your green nail polish and eyeshadow.

What about you dear readers?  Do you love green?  Are you going to be wearing green or using green in your home decor this Fall?

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