Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Celebrating Color: Teal!

Teal. It's a gorgeous color. Somewhere between blue and turquoise. Turquoise can be more green in hue, approaching an aqua.  Teal is a more bluish turquoise.  In any event, all these colors look fabulous together. I especially love jewel tones and the bright colors we are seeing this fall.

I think I need these shoes.

Love the mix of blues with the teal wall!

Teal accent wall in otherwise white space = Fab!

This last picture is of my friend Haley's kitchen. Isn't it fab? Her boyfriend painted it the most beautiful shade of teal! And check that white vase with branches on top of the cupboard. He spray painted those. I love a dude with good taste.

Remember the odd niche in my kitchen in my previous apartment?  It looks very close to Haley's color, only I used a high gloss. Great minds think alike!

Bright teal is great for a creative space.  This is Hopsin's home studio, where the magic happens.

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