Friday, December 20, 2013

Square Peg, Your Curator: Abstract Paintings

I'm Square Peg, Your Curator. Today I have a special treat for visitors of my online gallery.  We are going to examine abstract paintings.  I dearly love abstracts, it is fascinating to see what the human spirit is compelled to create.  For me there is no greater joy than putting paint on a canvas. I'm currently unable to paint due to allergies.  But back in the day I'd turn the music up, go into a trance state and let the canvas speak to me. Time would stand still.  But just because I can't paint at the moment, doesn't mean I can't admire art.  I've chosen a few beautiful abstracts to share.  Each one visionary in its own way.  They are poetry, even meditational.  I could sit and contemplate the forms, colors and strokes for hours.  Hope you enjoy.

I dearly love this painting.  Though the shapes are a bit brutal, the painting comes across soft. Quite an accomplishment, not as easy as it looks.  And look at the way the artist coaxes the light out of the canvas.  Amazing.  I'd love to have this work in my collection.

Belinda Marshall via LEIF.

I love the softness of this one.  And those colors.  Divine.

Above three paintings by Jaime Derringer 

Jaime is one of the writers of the popular blog, Design Milk.  I've followed Design Milk for a long time, and I am astounded how Jaime's artistic talent has grown.  I'm especially jealous of the painting with the large amount of yellow.  Wish I'd painted that.  Again, it might look simple, but it's not easy.  Try to paint with the innocence of a child, it's not easy.  It amazes me when an artist can capture that childlike innocence.

Above two paintings by Laura Letchinger

I love the organic shapes in these two works.

Any of these pieces would work well in an industrial loft.  I dream of an all white loft and large paintings.

Above two paintings by Cristina B Studio

It fascinates me how Christina was able to produce a light painting, and then almost its antithesis in the dark painting.  In both of these works she has successfully captured that childlike quality I described above.

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