Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mini Reveal

As promised, here is a mini reveal of my apartment with its new items.  The lamp is such a surprise, but I love it!  Such a great shape, and according to Feng Shui, every room should have something red in it for luck.  I also adore the houndstooth pillow.

The tweed ottoman is a bit surprising for me as well.  It's a bit masculine, but I think a little masculinity is needed for balance.  Especially with hot pink.  I love a feminine room, but I always like a little edge too.  I've been telling you forever that I want to do a gray accent wall, and here it is:

Ta da!  Talk about edge!  Here's a quick reveal of the accent wall I painted in my kitchen!  I love it!  Such a vast improvement over the super-high-gloss-muddy-puke color it was.  I don't know why landlords paint walls such awful colors, they must get a huge discount on the paint they buy.  I will be in big trouble if my landlord sees this, but I don't really know what the big deal is.  They paint every time someone moves out. And I actually did them a favor.  The walls were in terrible shape.  I sanded and smoothed the walls, and corrected a lot of the mistakes and sloppiness of the "professional" painters.  Flat paint is a much better choice than high gloss when the walls are in bad shape, it doesn't show the imperfections as much.  Of course, now that I am done with this wall, there are no imperfections.

This wall really needed a new life since the kitchen is open.  When I am lounging on the sofa I am no longer staring at an ugly wall, but a beautiful one!  I think this kitchen would be so fab if I painted the cupboards a pale gray, but I won't do that.  At least the cupboards are simple.  Now I am on the hunt for a screen to hide my refrigerator.

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