Monday, December 23, 2013

Mood Board No. 2 and 3: A Girl Cave Two Ways

I love experimenting with color in my apartment.  No matter what color scheme I opt for, pink and white are always a big part of it.  Creating mood boards is fun, costs no money and helps you discover your style. Unfortunately I seem to be all over the place with my style!  After I prepared the mood board for my friend in the post below - as well as posting about abstract paintings below - I just couldn't stop!  I prepared two mood boards for my apartment.  Hmm.  Now which direction am I going to take?

Here's a pic of my living room in a color scheme I adore. Hot pink, pale pink, white, gray and black. I often think of going darker and more mysterious in my apartment. I adore this painting by Cristina B, so decided to experiment with how it might look in my apartment. Added to this mood board are beautiful Tira and Bolo glass vases from Target online.  These vases are tempting me greatly.

Here is another mock up just for fun. Another color scheme I enjoy is hot pink, pale pink, yellow, turquoise with a small pop of black.  I am totally and utterly obsessed with Jaime Derringer's painting, which I wrote about below. Not only am I jealous of this painting (wish I'd created it), but I am jealous of her website. You just gotta check it out.  It's comprehensive, austere and completely addicting. The best thing is that Jaime makes me want to put a brush to canvas again.  Jaime, thanks for always being an inspiration!

Also added to this scheme is this Murano long neck lamp in lipstick pink from 1stdibs, and turquoise glass pendant lamp from Pier One (yes, I am really a lamp tramp).  Oh gosh, this pendant lamp is really tempting me.  It's on sale and very reasonably priced, I imagine it will sell out quickly.

I love making mood boards for my apartment.  I don't have to move anything around, or spend any money. Even though some of the items above are tempting me, I probably won't buy any of them. Truth be told, I feel a little ashamed of my greed for material objects and am trying to keep them to a minimum.  I fear I am becoming a maximalist - oh no!  But humans sure do make beautiful things, don't they? I think I need a furry white rug and a mod white vinyl ottoman.  Oh gosh, it never ends! How decadent to think of myself during a holiday season.

Experimenting with color in my apartment brings me great joy. Drop me a line if you have a decorating dilemma. I can help with decorating from scratch on the cheap, clearing the clutter, color selection and art selection. No matter how modest, you should love your home. It's your special place to rest, rejuvenate and feel loved.  Discovering your unique style is fun!

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

When I saw the first one, I thought, that's great, that is it. Then I saw the second one and I thought, that's great, that one's it! I can't decide!

Nothing greedy about wanting to surround ourselves with beautiful things. You are feeding the soul. Greed is when you purchase just to accumulate, to get more, just for the sake of having it. It's empty calories. Whereas a creative apartment with beautiful things, especially artwork, is like the bounty from Mother Nature's garden.


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