Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lamp Tramp

Thank God for knock offs.  I realize this may rankle the feathers of purists - and I do apologize for that. I want artists and designers to make money and be credited for their work.  But I also want beauty to be available to the masses - so I was thrilled when I saw that Target has a knock off of one of my favorite lamps.
The Bourgie lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani is one of my favorite lamps of all time!  I love a piece that looks traditional, made in a non-traditional material.

Here is the knock off by Target.  Not bad and a whole lot cheaper.  I'd love to use this in a hot pink room for a teenage girl.

I just couldn't help myself. I had to do a mood board with the lamp. At Target's price, you could afford two of the lamps for less than you can get it from Kartell.  The lamps look fabulous with this gorgeous yellow sofa and acrylic coffee table. They make a statement, like a pair of earrings for your room! Image via mekula.com

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