Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shop Local, Part II

My second stop on Black Friday was the new location of J. Paris Designs in Cuyahoga Falls. This was a particularly gratifying experience. Just what shopping should be. I had been to J. Paris Designs' previous location, so it was exciting to see the store grow. The lovely owner, Jessica, and I chatted it up. We talked about repurposing, art, decor, color, etc. It was great fun! Everything that Jessica puts her hand to turns to gold. Not only is she a great artist, but she is a great businesswoman. So exciting to see a young woman know herself so well, and to be so brave. Jessica is a great example of following your dream.  She's doing what she loves and making it happen. Jessica, you go girl! There were so many beautiful things in the store, I was there for a while. I should have taken more photos, but don't worry, there are photos on J. Paris' website, and I plan to go there again soon!

Look at this dresser!  Swoon! I hemmed and hawed about buying it. It perfectly fits my modern aesthetic, my love of gray and would look great in my bedroom. The price was reasonable too. I am totally in love with Jessica's take on ombre.  The drawers are done in a light to dark ombre.  The handles are the exact opposite, done in a dark to light ombre. Genius!  I never would have thought of that. I agonized over my desire for the dresser and my desire not to spend money (what am I doing shopping?). I measured the dresser, discussed layaway and delivery terms with Jessica. Walked around the store and seriously debated the dresser in my mind. I may be moving (yes, again) and am trying to hold off on buying anything big. I knew full well the dresser wouldn't last. I didn't buy, and it sold that night.  Ah c'est la vie. It makes me happy to know that someone is loving it.

This piece also caught my eye.  It's a bit ornate for my taste, but I am so digging that deep turquoise color and the skillful application of paint. Jessica and I had fun arranging these gorgeous pillows on the chair. This piece didn't last either. In fact, a customer who came in just a few minutes after me bought it.

This lovely gray cabinet is done by one of the vendors of the store. Even though I'm not really into the washed look of shabby chic any more (this was a look I did for a long time), it's a great piece. I found myself fantasizing about arranging my tea pots and pottery collection on it.

Now here is something more my style, and I dearly love it.  Love the retro look and the simplicity of this desk. There was so much I wanted in this store, including some of her fab fixtures which I neglected to photograph - oh well next time.  I did buy a couple of unexpected items for my apartment.  So, of course, this prompted another rearranging of my apartment.  Stay tuned, I will show you my new stuff in an upcoming post.

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