Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Surprising New Outfit for My Apartment

I admit it, I have design ADD.  I suppose that's obvious, you have to have a little OCD to be a blogger. My new incarnation of my apartment was an act of sublimation. I recently went clothes shopping - which I hate! Honestly, clothes shopping - which should be fun - just makes me feel ugly.  But this time was different, I was feeling optimistic since I recently lost a few pounds.  I wanted a pair of jeans I could dress up for a party. It was not to be. I was exhausted after trying on about a zillion pairs.  Instead of getting upset, I decided to check out a few local shops and came home - by accident - with a new outfit for my apartment. I am selective about what I bring into my home, and I only bring items in after I've made some room by donating some things I no longer use.  I love beautiful objects, but not clutter!  The best part is that whatever I buy for my apartment always fits - because I can make it fit!

Here are my new - and rather surprising - items from The Bomb Shelter and J. Paris Designs (see posts below about these fab shops).

I think it's a little crazy and selfish to buy things for me at the holiday season.  But, honestly I always feel a little guilty when I buy something for myself.  Maybe that's why I'm so cheap!  (Hmm, I need to examine this, maybe I think I don't deserve nice things, surely that's not the case.  Maybe I'll examine this in a subsequent post.)

Most surprising is that I went crazy with pattern.  Perhaps it's because I had just read the new Domino magazine (review of this magazine coming in a future post).  Or perhaps it's because I read Emily Henderson's blog too much.  I love Emily, her blog and her show, but not her style so much.  It always looks to OTT for me, but I do find it interesting, charming and always happy.  It's just not for me.  Too much clutter and pattern makes me anxious.

In fact, I was telling Jessica of J Paris Designs that I never use pattern in my decor.  Then I promptly bought a houndstooth pillow.  Actually, houndstooth is kinda of a neutral, right?  In any event, it has always been my favorite pattern.  (See previous apartment where I experimented with houndstooth fabric.)  I was asking Jessica to watch for an over sized lamp for me.  I've been wanting one forever.  Then I turned to leave and saw this lamp.  I am sure I gasped audibly.  Okay, it's red.  A color I never use.  Okay, the shade is an Ikat pattern.  But just look at that genie shape.  And it's tall so it will look oversized.  I had to have it.  Now I had bought two patterns, not just one.  Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone.  As I drove home, I wondered if I had gone crazy. Could I really layer this much pattern in my place?  Yes, since I don't have wallpaper, clutter or chevron.

Here's a breakdown of my new items: (1)  Lamp from J Paris Designs, $45.00!  What a deal!  Ya'll know how expensive lamps can get, and this one is most likely vintage and unique.  Also, shades can cost more than lamps.  Jessica actually handmade this shade!  A handmade shade and a vintage lamp for $45! Unheard of.  Score!  (2)  Tall faux cement vase in simple shape - Goodwill $4.00.  (3) Teal flower pot - Home Depot $6.99. Been craving teal and turquoise lately.  (4) I shouldn't have done it - but I walked past the paint section at Home Depot.  Very dangerous for me.  I've been telling you forever that I want to paint a gray accent wall - I finally did it!  I'll be showing it to you in my next post.  I chose Behr 780-F5, Anonymous, in a flat finish.  A quart of paint cost $8.99.  (5)  So excited about my new vintage marquee letter!  I've been wanting one for a long time!  And I found one in hot pink - hot damn!  $12.00 from the Bomb Shelter.  (6) Handmade houndstooth pillow from J Paris Designs made by an artist named Kristin, the owner of Pillowtalkk.

For approximately $80.00 I have a new surprising look in my apartment. It takes a long while for a new place to feel like home.  I feel like my humble little apartment has finally found its voice, and that it finally has some Akron flavor. Stay tuned, I will do a reveal in my next post.

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