Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink and Red

I'm addicted to color.  Especially pink. I've said it many times - pink looks great on everyone, it goes with every thing and it is not just a girly color.  It can be used in a thoroughly modern way.  Yesterday, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Casapinka.  She reminded me that pink and red is a beautiful color combination when she showed this lovely pattern:

Heather Bailey via Casapinka.  It would look great as a pillow, or stretched on a canvas.  Here are some photos from my inspiration file.  I'm sure you will agree pink and red look great together.
Local vintage store.  Image by Peggy.
Pillow that I passed on at local vintage store.  Now I'm kicking myself!
Beautifully composed living room and dining room.  Love the neutrals with the hot pink and red pops.  Also added for interest is saga green.  Love it.  Image Atelier Ligia Casanova.
Beautiful bedroom.  Vivid color in small doses looks great in mostly white interiors.  Love the pillow and the lamp.  Image source unknown.
I need a couple of pink poufs!  Image The Style Files.
Again, a mostly white interior.  The mural really pops with the red rug.  I am reminded of Antonio Ballatore when I look at this room.  He says, "Go big or go home."  Bigger art provides a nice punch in a room and keeps the room from looking cluttered.  Makes a great impact in a small place.  Image Marie Claire Maison.

Beautiful bedroom.  The white walls keep the room looking simple, even though vivid color and pattern are used. Image Living Etc.
I've had this room in my inspiration file for a long time.  I love it.  There's no pink in the room, but it seems to fit in with this theme.  One could easily see a pink pillow in the chair.  Again, the vivid red works because of the generous amount of white.  I love white floors!  Image source unknown via My Mod Style.  Please contact me if you know the designer of this room.  Like to see more pink and red?  See previous post here.

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