Sunday, March 20, 2011

Color Inspiration: sun drenched colors

Like you, dear reader, I am tired of Winter and can't wait for Spring.  I miss the sun and can't wait for it to drench my apartment.  I am craving sun drenched colors. Pink, of course, and lots of orange and yellow.  And turquoise, in a beautiful washed out shade.  Here's some inspiration.  Hope you enjoy.
Have you ever noticed some magazine ads are beautiful enough to frame?  I'd love to enlarge this image.  Beautiful colors.  I love the 70s influence.  Image via Casapinka.

I love the colors in these ads from Talbots.  The campaign, by Mert & Marcus, is one of the most beautiful ad campaigns I've seen this Spring.  Julianne Moore looks exquisite, and the colors are - ahem - exquisite.  More of the campaign can be see at Fashion Gone Rogue. 
 Camilla Akrans via Solid Frog.


Michelle Ghio via Creature Comforts.

I think these colors look happy.  I was so inspired by these colors, I decided to try processing some photos to look like they've been sun-drenched.  Image by Peggy.  See more of my sun-drenched photos here.

Note:  I apologize that I'm not able to link properly.  I am away from home and working on a Mac, and it is driving me crazy.  As soon as I'm able to get to a PC, I'll fix the links.  Thanks for your patience.

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casapinka said...

Hey there! I actually went into talbot recently and came out with the coolest pair of clearance jeans - the only jeans i could find with the fit I wanted in the entire outdoor mall. Before those ads I never would have stepped foot into talbots!


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