Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bedroom color inspiration - pink, gray and violet

Dear readers, you know how it is.  Obsession.  Sometimes an idea can grab hold and it won't let go.  Such are the thoughts of my bedroom decor.  Should I turn it into a restful oasis or should I turn it into a studio?  For now I'm thinking restful oasis, but that could change any minute.  
Of course I am obsessing about color.  As you know, color occupies my mind most of the day.  And needless to say, any color scheme I contemplate will include pink.  I am loving pink combined with gray and violet.  And maybe a splash of turquoise - my second favorite color.  Here are some photos from my inspiration file.
Monochrome can be very restful.  I'd like to paint my walls violet.  Here's an idea to steal from Living etc magazine, March 2011.  They've painted the wall and the frame of the mirror the same color.  I love it.   By  having this ornate piece blend rather than pop, they've made it appear simpler.  Monochrome is a great trick if you are trying to unify disparate objects.

Here are some beautiful pillows I saw at Pier One.  I know I'm guilty of one of the biggest design mistakes - too many pillows.  I can't help it.  I love them (along with pottery and lamps).  I didn't buy these, though they were tempting.  The three would've cost around $90.  Too steep for my budget, but they are gorgeous.
Beautiful room by the Designers Guild.  Wish I could paint my floors white!

Beautiful, romantic room.  Image Collect, the Rug Company blog.
I love this room!  Gray day bed.  Pink curtains and turquoise provided by the artwork.  Sorry, I don't remember its source.  I promise to get better at that, I'm not sure why I'm so disorganized lately.  If you know the source, please contact me.  And what about you, dear readers, are you planning any changes in your decor for Spring?  Are you planning to go lighter?  Have you started your Spring cleaning?  I'd love to hear from you!  xxoo

Need more?  Click here to see an unforgettably beautiful pink, gray and silver bedroom from Chiasso featured in a previous post.

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