Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As I mentioned below, I've been thinking about red lately. Not usually a color I think about, but for some reason it is intriguing me lately. These thoughts have snapped me out of my sleep walk.

No one does red better than Benjamin Noriega Ortiz. I believe this is the most beautiful dining room I've ever seen. It's romantic and lush, yet even with the intensity of the color, remains peaceful. A brilliant use of monotone. Image from Pointclickhome.

A little red goes a long way. Ordinarily, beige decor bores me. But this skillful use of texture, along with small red pops makes this decor sing. Todd Klein's home. Image via Elle Decor, December 2008.

A couple of red flowers in a tall white vase is heaven. Image from CB2.

Another example of a beige decor. This one is livened up with pops of yellow and red. Demi Adeniran's home. Image via the now-defunct Domino magazine, January 2009.

Red and pink also make great accent colors. I dig that lamp! Image from Apartment Therapy.

And dig this sofa. A fine marriage of contemporary and frilly. Mare sofa by Rene Holten. Image via Hive Modern.

Another red dining room. I love the large painting. Red, pink and orange look great together. Tracey Garet via Desire to Inspire.

Normally, I don't like wallpaper. But this one is an exception. I'd love to have a large piece of this framed. Wall paper by Florence Broadhurst for Signature Prints. Image via Elle Decoration, March 2009.

I love the combination of red, pink, orange and fuchsia. And I adore saturated colors. Pastels are a thing of the past for me, and frankly I find them boring now that I have been foraying into the wonderful world of saturation.

So, of course, I had to experiment with these colors in my little apartment.

My new paintings. Each piece is 24" x 30", acrylic on canvas.

A romantic little sitting room in my apartment. The walls of my apartment used to all be fuchsia. I've been painting them white, but there is a small area that I haven't painted yet. Hmm. I kind of like that color.


kim. said...

OMG I didn't know you had some fuchsia walls!! LOVE IT!!!

Biba said...

I'm not a huge fan of red but these are cool pics! :)

royal creme said...

I love it when in a home there is one room that is unexpected, one room that veers sharply from the rules. Keep those walls, it's your own little den of inequity.


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