Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I was very fortunate myself, I spent a lot of quality time with cherished family and friends. I didn't participate in the holidays in the traditional sense, and I didn't participate in the chaos of shopping.  I have no money to spend on gifts, but I made sure to let everyone know how much I love them.  I am very grateful that I have many people who love me. I was a little embarrassed because I received a lot of gifts I did not need.  Some have been regifted and some have gone to the Goodwill.  Like I said, I have a lot of people who love me.

I don't typically make new year's resolutions, because I get mad at myself when I don't keep them.  But, I do hope to blog more in 2013.  I have a lot of pretty and fun posts lined up, and also some provocative ones.  I truly believe this is going to be a great year.  I might as well start the year off by giving you a view of what my apartment looks like today.  As you know, I love my apartment and am grateful for it.  I am full of gratitude!

 My sister-in-law gave me a gift card for TJ Maxx.  Of course, I had to run out and buy some vases to play with.

I love arranging vases so much, I'd like to open a vase store.  The white and pink vases are from TJ Maxx, and are glass, so are a bit of a departure for me.  My first love is still ceramic.  The little yellow bowl was only $1.00 from the Goodwill.  It's totally funky and I love it!  I wish I could capture the way it looks when the sun shines on it, it's fab!  I think it's vintage and may have been part of a lamp.  I'm not sure why, but I'm not really happy with the pink vase and might return it.  Perhaps it's too tall?  Although I think being over sized is precisely the point.  Ah, obsession...... it's not always easy balancing a love of simplicity and sparseness with a love of beautiful things.

What about you dear readers?  How were your holidays?  Have you done any redecorating or organizing lately?  We're going to have a great year together!  As always, thanks for reading.  xo

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Jessie said...

You know I have been decorating. HA! ;) I love your new vases. I have a white glass one just like that but it's from IKEA. I did have a good holiday season. I am glad it's over though since I work retail. You get burned out on it all really fast. I didn't spend much on gifts either. Just a few things for my parents and close friends. I think it's crazy how people magically think it's okay to BUY BUY BUY and go into debt. Craziness. 2013 is going to be a great year. :) I feel it.


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