Saturday, January 12, 2013

How I spent my Saturday morning...

The light in my apartment was so beautiful this morning.  I wish I knew how to capture it with my camera.  I was very content in my little place.  So I made a cup of my favorite Colombian coffee, instead of music I opted to open the window to hear the birds.  And I did my favorite thing.  Rearranged some of my pottery collection. My favorite is matte white ceramic in simple forms.  I enjoy mixing in a few glass pieces as well.  These pieces beg to be touched.  Each vase makes its own unique music when touched.

Here are a few of my favorites.  1) TJ Maxx;  2) ASA Selection Germany, an exquisite piece;  3) hand blown Polish glass;  4) Portuguese, a perfect vessel;  5) Ikea;  6) I love tea cups as well.  These are vintage Japanese.

Here is my favorite corner in my apartment.  I love contemplating these ethereal forms, it's fascinating to watch how they change with the light during the day.  I need a vase store, I could dust and arrange vases all day!  For now, it's a beautiful day in Akron, Ohio so I think I'll spend my afternoon taking a walk.  I'll be sure to take my camera with me.

What about you dear readers, how are you spending your Saturday?  I hope you are doing something that brings you joy!

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