Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simple Impact: Accent Walls and Large Art

I'm always obsessing about decor.  As you know, I think simplicity is key in designing a beautiful and relaxing room.  Over the next few days I'd like to focus on how to make a big impact in a simple way.  One of my favorite ways to freshen a room is with color.  I've been obsessing about Tiffany box blue for sometime and would love to do an accent wall in it.

This home boasts a stunning use of paint.  The room has just the right amount of drama and edginess, but still remains simple.  I love the look of a the large piece of over the sofa.  A large piece makes an impact and looks cleaner than a grouping.  The amazing light fixture on the ceiling is impactful in its size and geometry, and still maintains an airiness. The unexpected black boarders make the blue and yellow wall look like paintings.  I would love to do a room with large color blocks as the art.  
I love this yellow accent wall with the black border!  A great way to make an odd wall into a piece of art.  Above two spaces designed by Sarah Lavoine.  To see previous posts on color blocking, click here.

This is such a beautiful modern room.  I adore the color of the walls, and dig that coffee table with mismatched legs.   The only change I would make to this room is hang one large piece of art instead of the grouping.  I think groupings look cluttered.  Image via Falken Reynolds (this is a great post on lighting).

Here's my gratuitous plug.  I've edited the room to add one of my pieces to demonstrate the point.

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Jessie said...

These are both lovely colors. Especially that Tiffany blue color. You should try hanging fabric on your walls. I still haven't tried it myself, but since you can't paint it may be a fun option. Also I've heard you can paint on that really cheap duck cloth fabric. (Liquid starch is what you use to stick fabric to the wall.)


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