Sunday, December 18, 2011

Turquoise Obsession

Dear readers, you know how I am about color.  I think about color all the time.  Sometimes thoughts of a specific color occupy my mind and it won't let go.  As you know, I've been thinking about gray a lot lately.  Today the obsession suddenly shifted to turquoise.  Turquoise is probably my second favorite color (pink being the first, of course).  As you also know, I've been fantasizing about a new apartment and how I'd decorate it.  I know I want a gray accent wall, and now I'm thinking I want to add turquoise. Here's how it started.
I was watching Secrets from a Stylist Holiday.  I adore Emily Henderson.  Her style differs greatly from mine, her rooms are a little over the top for me, I'd like to edit about half of the items when she's done.  And I'm still not sold on wallpaper, which she uses a lot.  But, she's adorable and quirky and delightful to watch and I do learn things from her, and she often inspires me.  I like when my perspective is challenged.  Sorry, I digress.  The point I'm trying to get to is this vase.  For some reason, whenever I watch TV or movies, I constantly hone in on the vases in the room.  This particular one caught my attention and I can't get it out of my mind.  Beautiful shape and beautiful color.  If anyone knows where I can order this vase, please let me know.  Anyway, this vase is what started by current obsession with turquoise.

More vases!  I haven't bought any new vases in a while, so I think I have them on my mind.  I love these updated versions of depression glass.  I'm not usually a fan of hobnails, but I love these.  Probably because they are still simply shaped.  Available at DwellStudio.

I'm not usually a fan of groupings, but this one works because the art is all black and white.  The art and the cabinet pop off the turquoise walls beautifully.  Love the pop provided by the red chair.  And, of course, I really dig those white floors.  Image Karl Anderson.

Turquoise looks great with wood and with mid-century modern decor.  Love this dining set.  The red pillows on the seats look great with the turquoise.  Clint & Lisa's Bold Crayola-Inspired Abode via Apartment Therapy.

More proof that red looks great with turquoise.  I love this lacquered table!  Also love the pops of turquoise.  The room is simple, clean and romantic.  Such a stunner, hard to believe it was done on a small budget.  Sorry about the poor image, but I think you get the idea.  This room was designed by Kahi Lee for Design on Dime.  I need the Design on a Dime team to come to my home!

Drool.  Simple, clean mid-century modern comfort.  Love the turquoise chairs and love the pops of the orange pillows.
OMG that lamp!  I need that lamp!  I am currently on the hunt for a large, geometric, Danish-inspired white vintage lamp.  I am scouring the vintage stores.  It's not easy since I have no budget, but I know one will appear.  Images Chris Barrett Design.

Look at this beautiful sofa!  It must have been custom made for the space.  I love round ottoman, and I believe that's a Moroccan wedding blanket used as a rug.  I've been seeing them used as rugs quite a bit lately, and I love them.  Adds great texture to the simple, yet elegant and comfy space.  Samer's 1930 Streamline Moderne Apartment via Apartment Therapy.

This picture proves that turquoise looks great with gray.  I adore this chair and ottoman with the gray walls and the white floors.  And isn't that Warhol print fab!  Can you believe this cute picture is actually from a doll house!  It's from Jessie of My Mod Style's entry in the I'm a Giant Challenge.  Sometimes doll house furniture is so inspirational!


Jessie said...

You should have seen my face light up when I found that chair!! Turquoise, Pink and Yellow are my favorite colors! It's a pain to move, but fun to come up with new decorating ideas. :)

Unknown said...

I am obsessed with red and turqouise myself. Have been for years . My house is red and turquoise. Everything I wear is turqouise. So I'm so happy I'm not the only one. Love these rooms btw. Found out my aura is turqouise and my birthstone is too haha. What can I say everything feels and looks better in turqouise to me. Am I weird?

Peggy said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for visiting! I hope you visit often. You are not weird. Colors are vibrations, and apparently you resonate to turquoise. As you know, I've been in love with pink my whole life!

I love that you said, everything feels and looks better in turquoise...I feel the same about pink! It goes with everything, looks great on everyone! xo


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