Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mini Mood Board

Still dreaming of a new apartment.  Current plan for decorating same is a gray accent wall and a vintage turquoise sofa.  This sofa is impossibly out of my budget but it is perfect, isn't it?  Is it possible to be in love with a sofa.  Yes, it's perfectly possible.  Here's the proof:

This sofa is casual, yet sophisticated and clean lined.  My favorite style of decor is Mid-Century Modern.   I love the simple lines.  MCM furniture makes a great base for any beautiful room.  Because of its clean lines, any style can easily be layered on it.  Japanese, Moroccan and ethnic pieces go great in a room decorated in Mid-Century Modern.

I prefer low scale, round coffee tables.  I like to move them around and use them for different purposes, which is why I love ottomans so much.  I've never really used wood in my decor, although this piece made in India has caught my attention.  I love it's low scale, Moroccan influence.  I think it would look great with this sofa.

 And the accent wall I am planning in the perfect dove gray.

Here's the perfect entertainment center for my new flat screen.  I love its simple shape, and I love the combination of wood and white.  The wood of this piece and the coffee table relate to each other.  The white on this piece would, of course, relate to the painted wood floors.  Hmm, this room needs some funky end tables, over sized Danish lamps and pillows.  And oh yeah, vases.  None of it is to be, as it's out of my budget, but it's okay.  A girl can dream right?   These pieces are now all in my virtual collection.  You know what I always say about virtual collections.  They cost nothing, they take up no space, they don't need dusting, and the best part - they don't have to be moved!

Good thing I didn't take part in the I'm a Giant Challenge (see post below).  I'd be tempted to replicate these pieces, but the last thing I need is another obsession or project.

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